Who can belong?

If you’re an indie, you belong.

If you’re thinking about being an indie, you belong.

If you like the indie community, you belong.

If you’re flirting with the idea of maybe checking out indie creatives, you belong.

You belong! Everyone is welcome.

How do you become an active member?

If you want to be a member, it’s easy. Check out our Facebook page and apply to our private group. It’s that easy. Not on Facebook? Email us! You’ll get sneak previews of upcoming events, access to live content (like writing sprints), and so much more.


This group to help expand the stage for diverse voices. Your voice. My voice. Our voices. Voices that have been muffled or silenced. We are here to support those voices and expand the stage for ALL of our voices.

It’s FREE to join. We have a culture of kindness and support. We don’t have any expectations for membership. We have opportunities to contribute. Do you HAVE to contribute? No. But, it’s really appreciated when you do.

How to contribute:

  • Help other members promote their work through shout outs, engagement of members’ posts, share/repost posts.
  • Contribute content to the blog, Facebook Page, or Facebook Group.
  • Start a discussion in the Facebook group on craft or self-publishing tips
  • Print out the brochure or flier to distribute or to post on bulletin boards
  • Help be a beta-reader or reviewer of members’ works; find out opportunities in the Facebook Group. Go to the Facebook page and join the group from there.
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