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If you’d like to become a community member by collaborating and helping us grow, please contact us.

Our Community Standards

We are Indies! We colour outside the lines and call it art. Supporting authors who are living their dreams.

We only have 4 rules:
1. Respect each other and differing opinions.
If there are any issues please message World Indie Warriors or one of our Admins and we will do our best to help.

2. No bullying or hateful comments.
Same as above. If you need any help, just send us a message. 
If, in the unlikely event that a persons words or actions are deemed to come under either of these, then Admins reserve the right to remove said person from the group. 

3. For our closed Facebook group, no spam or promotion, unless in a designated post.
Facebook can be a pain and doesn’t like a lot of outside links being posted. We will have designated posts where you can post your published novels, poems, artwork, music and blogs etc. We’d love to see everyone’s work, but please keep links to a minimum.

4. Have fun! 
Let’s try to keep this a positive space. Even Admins are here for the love of indie, this is not our job, so there maybe the occasional delay from us as we deal with work, kids and errant muses. 

Community is powerful, and what better than a community of creatives?

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