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Did you see the first edition of our brochure. Its exclusively for Indie Creatives and basically free marketing. We are now looking for submissions for the next edition. #indiecreatives

Coming up with a book production budget

One of the last tips in my previous post, 10 Tips for Launching Your Book, was to come with a book production budget. How do you do that? Easy. A  book production budget is an estimate of what it will cost to get your book published.  It includes everything from the cover design, to editing, formatting, [...]

Indie Writer Wrap-Up

What an exciting year! Here are the indie writers that I profiled this year. They are listed by author. I’ve added some updates where I could find them. So in chronological order. Elexis Bell The Gem of Meruna (under her maiden name–Mullins) This is romantic fantasy. 💕👏. The main character, Kiluna, sets off on a quest [...]

Getting Started: Taking the Mystery Out of Marketing


Marketing really isn’t hard. You just need some basic information. Here are my top ten tips for those who are new to marketing.

1. Your brand is your promise to your audience.

When you brand yourself, you’re presenting yourself as an authority about something, promising to give others a solution to a problem, or promising some type of product (like a story). A common brand among the indie creative community is that of the indie author. Look at those two words, what do you think of?

Even if you don’t know what indie refers to, you likely know what an author is. And when you hear that someone is an author, what do you automatically ask them about? Most likely, you’re going to ask about their books.

Indie authors are authors who have self-published their books and taking control of most of the creative process by starting a business with…

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